Mood Journal 02

Haha, honestly, I wonder how long I can keep this up given that I hardly ever stick to anything. I don't think its so much of a commitment issue as it is that I get bored or take a fancy in something else.

I don't remember a whole lot about yesterday. Managed to take care of the plants, and my own facial care, I think I read a bit. I was supposed to meet Ian for lunch but he came down with fever, and later on I met Shix for dinner and a movie, which was quite hilarious given the numerous cliches.

With regards to my mood, I guess it was relatively alright. I didn't notice any dips though, there most definitely was a case of post-nap brain fog. Brain fog, should be taken quite literally because it feels like your thoughts are clouded and the mechanisms that typically lead you from one thought to another are covered in gunk (as one would expect in a swamp) and dysfunctional.

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