Journal 01: An Introductory Post

To whomever is reading this, cheers to better times because this is what Foxbreach is fundamentally about. It is most certainly, not my first blog, and chances are, it probably won't be my last, but with each reiteration of this cycle of moving from one blog to another, there has always been an evolution of sorts - be it in prose or purpose.

My previous blog was largely personal, and served me well throughout my polytechnic days, and I'd like to imagine that I've largely grown out of that - nevertheless while admitting that polytechnic me, is and always will be a part of who I am today - and so as with all new beginnings, there must be new things.

Foxbreach will differ from my old blog in its intention; ideally, it is a kinda public good through the provision of subjectively (according to me) reliable information in the internet whereby it would seem even the second law of thermodynamics applies.

The second law (of thermodynamics) states that entropy - a measure of disorder, or randomness - always increases, for any closed system with no external influences.
— Joanne Baker

Hence, the whole cutting through bullshit, no frills approach. Concise writing with hopefully, definitive advice or idea about a subject.

Apart from that, the blog will also serve as a personal ranting post, though I'm not entirely sure the extent to which my personal life will be exposed on it. But we shall see.

Again, cheers to better times, and thank you for reading this.