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The story of Harmony Karaoke is quite the odd one. It begins decades back with Andrew Pang, the current owner, whom was then serving in the Police Force before he decided to make a career switch - perhaps even reversal, given the context - to better support his family of six.

His foray into nightlife began with him as a General Manager at an old Shanghai Club before deciding to strike out on his own; beginning with his first club at Orchard, then Harmony KTV at East Coast Park, and today, Harmony Yumeco in Sultan Plaza.

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Harmony Yumeco primarily operates as a KTV Nightclub - whereby we entertain our loyal clients that have stuck with us throughout the decades, and as a nightclub first, please do not be surprised to see hostesses whom often come later at night; after they've worked long-hours at their day jobs.

Naturally, as a nightclub, the premises were closed during the day and this seemed rather wasteful, and as we're often told by old wise folk: "...a problem is often an opportunity in disguise." One thing lead to another, and 'The Happy Hour' was an entrepreneurial venture by Reuben to make the most of the club.

Today, we're pleased to say that both ventures are successful,
and we're incredibly thankful for the support of our customers.

Rest assured, we're looking for ways to serve you better! Sumpah!


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